Made with extra awesome

Dima and Carolyn make laptop stands out of super strong recycled core 275lb test cardboard in the Mission District of San Francisco. Our stands are super strong, stable and durable. You could stand on it and it wouldn’t even notice. They are that strong. We think they look pretty awesome too. Save your neck, your back and the planet.

Left Col

The double ply cardboard used is rated at 275 lbs. We have tested our stand designs by placing 10 lb, 35 lb and 60 lb dumbbells on top with no problems whatsoever. We then had Dima, weighing in at 230 lbs, step on top of the stand. The stand supported his full weight with no problems. Check out the video today!

See us at Maker Faire!

Right Col

Each stand is individually made and packed by us, Dima and Carolyn, under the watchful eye of our dog Widget.

Frequently Asked Questions…

  • When will my order be shipped?
    We have stands made and will do our very best to get your order shipped out quickly. Having said that, it really is just the two of us so it may take a couple of days. Your credit card will be authorized but we won’t charge your card until we have your stand ready and shipped.
  • Can I use a different shipping method or pick up locally in San Francisco?
    Totally! Just make sure to email and we’ll meet up around the 24th street area.
  • How will I know if my stand is ready or shipped?
    We will email you to let you know. Follow @missionstands on twitter for updates.
  • Can I order many stands for the whole office?
    Yes! Drop Carolyn an email and she’ll hook you up. Use the contact form or tell us what you need by emailing for special arrangements.