About Us

In the fall of 2008, Dima was starting a new job and needed a good laptop stand. His employer was more than happy to order anything he wanted but it seemed like all the stands out there were made of environmentally unfriendly plastics, not locally produced,  expensive and didn’t seem to do the job. Thus, he started to design his own.

He had a clear set of criteria

  • Align his laptop to the bottom of his Dell monitor
  • Be strong and sturdy enough to type on every day
  • Allow for ample air flow to cool his laptop
  • Made from environmentally friendly materials

As a member at the TechShop, a DIY work space, he began prototyping stands in cardboard with the intention of using reclaimed wood for the final stands.  The first few attempts were incredibly complicated contraptions that would bend and break with repeated use.  He simplified the stands to 5 parts with incredibly precise tolerances.  This new cardboard design worked so well that the idea of using wood seemed silly.

Dima’s coworkers noticed the stand and asked if they could have one made for them too.  Everyone collected cardboard shipping boxes and one by one, Dima would make them.  As stands were put through the rigors of daily use in a busy office, minor design improvements were made.  After two years of real world testing and iterations, the stand design was perfect and Mission Stands was born.